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When done correctly, Tree Lopping can increase the health of some tree species and promotes new growth and helps to control the overall size of the tree.

When you thin out the canopy of a tree, you allow more light in and better airflow around the area which can be beneficial to surrounding plants and trees. A reduced canopy will also aid in the reduction of pests like Mosquitoes.

Gold Coast tree lopping involves more than cutting a couple of branches as you would when pruning as it is a drastic reduction. In some cases, a tree is reduced to nothing but its large essential limbs with all other tree growth removed. With such a drastic cutback, there are risks to the health of the tree as some tree species do not recover from heavy lopping. This is why it is recommended to call in the help of a qualified Arborist.

We will asses your trees, and in some cases where lopping is not an option, we can consider Pollarding or hedging as a viable option if you wish to keep the tree.

If the tree is diseased or damaged and posing a threat to safety or risking damaging property, we recommend complete tree removal as the process of lopping could make the condition of the tree worse.

Why its best to hire a professional for Tree Lopping?

Lopping trees is actually more complicated than it may seem because it is much more than simply sawing off unsightly branches or limbs. Often lopping requires the work of an expert arborist because tree limb removal depends on assessing how much living tissue can be safely removed from the tree without mortally wounding it. In addition, tree lopping can be dangerous, especially when it comes to cutting large trees and branches. Often it requires the right power equipment to get the job done properly.

With the right people and the right equipment,
tree lopping can be done quickly,
safely and cleanly!

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